Tuesday, January 21, 2014

News from a wet garden

It's raining!  yay, our water gauge measured 4mls so far today.  This might not sound a lot, but it is so needed and a relief from dry weather.   We have such stony, free draining soil that water is not retained in the topsoil at all, and it is a constant battle to keep the garden looking good.

When it rains, water from our roof is collected into an underground tank, and when that is full it's pumped up to a "bank" of water tank for use later.

In other news,
Aubergines in the glasshouse are going great guns

We still have a glut of capsicums

Basil needs a third harvest

Corn has had a bashing by the wind

A second planting of peas might make it to fruition

Whole vege patch is looking very productive

Hamish has put weedmatting and stones round the last of the beds, finishing of the paths