Thursday, January 9, 2014

A hat and a scarf from a Jumper

This is the hat I whipped up this evening, along with a scarf for Hamish.  I am getting ready for winter, even tho it is summer!  I figure by the time I know what everyone needs/wants it will be winter already.  Seems to sneak up on me, that...

So I have been getting my skates on.

Hamish aspires to the Gen 3 Punk look, check out this link  but I am not sure I can recreate these.  Instead I whizzed him up a figure 8 scarf - photo to come tomorrow, from a pure wool huge jumper picked up in our "rubbish shop" for $4 a few days ago.  Any colour so long as it is black!  says Hamish.  Some of those very expensive items of clothing in that shop are amazing, and check out the headgear and neckwear on some of those jumpers and jackets - crazy!

After I had cut out his scarf I was left with two sleeves, one of which is now a hat! Thanks Overlocker