Monday, August 5, 2013

Unseasonally warm, what is going on??

With all this weather, warm, hot in fact! everything is going beserk....

- The roses have all had to be pruned and they are bursting into leave already.

- The daffodils are coming out everywhere.

- The fruit trees are coming into budburst!

I have sprayed everything today with copper and conqueror oil.  Not green, I know, but I hate losing fruit, flowers and leaves due to nasty pests.

Then as I was wanding round the vege garden looking for things to eat, I found this!!!!

An Artichoke! ready to eat

and five more on the plant.  Usually the plants are about 1/2 a foot high, and overwintering is a bit of a hit and miss affair.  Some years I have packed straw round their bases to keep off frost and snow, and they only come away when spring is really here in earnest.  But, this year, August, the plants are as high as my shoulders and have edibles on them already.

I find it amazing, especially when I think of the snow storm in September that Montana-Rose was born in? will we get something similar this year, or is the bad weather gone for good?  only time will tell....