Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Roses

With such an extensive garden I'm always looking at planting, what I should put where, how big it will grow and how expensive it is.

Lately I've been trying to take cuttings and grow from layered pieces of existing plants.

I travelled up to Motueka last week to visit my parents and while I was there we visited Tasman Bay Roses.
What a display in their growing paddock
The sales area, this was the best kept bit
 So many varieties, and colours, and fragrances! it was a pity that the yards were not better kept, for if someone had whizzed round with a weedeater it would look better.

They have rows and rows of roses as a "garden", which was unfortunately neglected.  The roses needed a prune, deadhead and a weedeat.  There didn't seem to be any order to the rows, with roses of different colours and types just lumped together.  No labelling had been done either, or pricing, which was a great disappointment.

I could not resist though, and bought a "Jude the Obscure" and something else which I can't bring to mind right now.

We also visited the Memorial Rose Gardens in Motueka, which were looking lovely.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Year of the Berry

Last year was the "Year of the Strawberry".  We picked kilos and kilos of them, in fact our freezer still has a few bags waiting to be used.

This year is going to be the "Year of the Berry".  Boysenberries, Raspberries and Currants.
Just over 3kg of Raspberries

over 3kg of Boysenberries

Getting ready to cook jam

Jam in progress

33 jars of Berry Jam, Done!

Last week I picked 8.5kg of fruit and made it up into jam, yielding 33 jars of mixed berry jam.  Enough to have one every fortnight for a whole year.  I can think of lots of things to use it for, jam flan, Bakewell tart, jam donuts and more.  Hmm, must get my pinny on.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Those pesky birds!

I have started netting to deter birds.

Despite my earlier post with pictures of christmas decorations in Cherry trees, I have bitten the bullet and started netting.  As soon as the cherries went red the birds started.  There is such a good crop of cherries in the tree that I am pretty desperate to keep them so we can enjoy eating fresh ones at Christmas.  It's only one week away.

When we first moved onto our property it was just two enormous paddocks of broom. I remember noticing that there were no birds, and I thought it was because it was too hot and dry.  But as soon as we started planting trees and flowers the birds came.  We have starlings, thrushes, chaffinches, hawks, sparrows, oystercatchers, skylarks, yellowhammers, the odd fantail and even the other day I saw our very first NZ Falcon (v. exciting moment).

The boysenberries have also suffered from attention by the birds, so, on went the netting too!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

In my trug today

There were also Raspberries but I had put them into my Rumtopf before thinking of a photo!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Willow" talks!

Check out this cute video I took of Willow after milking one morning.  She was hanging around enjoying a scratch and a rub and she said "Hi" to me!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On "Inviting Abundance"

There was a TV show that I watched avidly through a couple of seasons, "Agent Anna".  (Not just because we shared a name!) A bitter-sweet comedy about a real estate agent who's husband leaves her.  The resulting mess as she gets a job and navigates her way round the adult world on her own made me laugh.  In particular there was a time when she went to "Inviting Abundance" classes - a bit like Yoga but with some New Age fluff thrown in for good luck. Lots of "Ohm"ing and sitting in yoga poses whilst asking the universe for abundance in love, life and jobs.

I haven't tried that method, but abundance came anyway.
In the form of Poppies
and Milk from our lovely Willow - here is fresh Caerphilly

and beautiful green, lush, viridescent, verdant, grassy, grass!  Never before in the four years we have lived here have the paddocks and garden looked so naturesweet!  Our shrubs and trees are shooting away by the foot, and all our hard work finally looks sumptous - just how I imagined it would.

No wind, no bad frosts, no storms, and lots of beautiful soft, dripping rain.

Abundance forever!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

No rest for busy people

Labour Weekend, the day we celebrate a 40hour working week.  Freedom for everyone, in the evenings, and on the weekends, to get involved in fun activities with their family and friends.

In our case, planting the new berm by the pool.  (Hopefully minimising both wind misadventure and gaining a little privacy from visitors).


Our latest Wwoofer, Anne, a lovely German girl, mowed the lawn and said it was the best day of her life!  She really enjoyed riding our mower, practicing her driving skills and she made a lovely job of the property.  

Anne has been working hard in the Vegetable garden, inspiring me to get our strawberries and asparagus sorted out.  I was super excited to find tiny little fluffy feathers of bright green, which I identified as baby asparagus plants, self seeded. I hear tell that asparagus doesn't grow very well from seed, but I will give these a go and see what happens.

Anne mowing the lawn
Self seeded Asparagus

I'm now off to plaster some more of our pool...maybe I'll rest later on in the week.