Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Plenty from the garden

This extended warm weather has been fantastic.

First our paddocks looked like bony, stoney desert, but last weekend we had the first rain since 4th Feb, and new we are all green and new again.

The beans I put in late, which critics tut-tutted over and said they would never grow, have produced their first wee crop.  Within about another week I should have hundreds, there are plenty more tiny ones just waiting in the wings.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Today's haul

I heard someone on the TV saying that we need to expect "Mediterranean" summers due to global warming.
We should expect extended periods of warm, dry weather over our summer season.  This is based on one hot,  long, dry summer...?  I can't remember when we had a summer like it.  So, if it is true, YAY, bring it on.  Summers for swimming lots, and eating outside are a treasure.

What it has meant for our garden is this!  tomatoes, capsicums by the bucketload, and friends and family who have grown cucumbers unlimited.  These are not always things that grow easily here.  I wish I had planted aubergines, I love them, and they need a long, hot summer.  This year would have been perfect.

Here is what I picked this morning

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I asked for a Chainsaw, and got way more

We have had a large pile of cut branches from when our macrocarpa hedging was trimmed, and I have been eyeing it up for firewood.  Hubby has been insistent that he wants to do a "big burn" which seems such a waste of good wood to me!  so...I went to the equipment shop (very daunting, male dominated environment there!) and enquired about the smallest chainsaw you can get.

Then I tentatively asked hubby if I could buy a chainsaw.  You have never seen such love and devotion, "of course, honey" was his immediate answer.  Here was I thinking that we already had a chainsaw (a huge monstrous thing you need arms like gorillas to wield), and I would be refused outright.  But, apparently a chainsaw is something you can ask your man for without any problem.  Now, a new sewing machine would be a different matter....

Herewith I started chopping up the small logs.  There is a heap of wood there, and I am a happy camper.

Meanwhile, since I am in his good books, he built me a herb garden.  YAY. It has been filled, and planted out with a few beginners...