Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teatowel Quilting, a quilt in a week

It was going to be a quilt in a day, but I had to revise that... It would have been do-able, but life got in the way, as it does hahaha.   I started with 9 teatowels, which I sewed into strips of three, then I cut each strip in half.  I have now sewn them all together and am in the process of quilting them up.  Photo of the finished product to come soon.

Crabapple Tree is Heaving

Bent down over the hedge at the front of our property is the most amazingly laden crabapple tree.  I picked half a bucket full, and made this beautiful shiny, clear apple jelly.  One has some mint stirred in, as a mint jelly which is divine on roast lamb.

Recipe: Pick your apples, I just grab them off the tree, and pull the leaves and things off.  Don't bother removing stalks or washing, or anything.  Just chuck them in a jam pan with only enough water to cover.  Bring to a simmer and simmer till all apples are pulped.  Put in a jelly bag, or if you are like me and don't have a jelly bag, a piece of old sheeting or something will do. Dangle over a bowl so the juice can drip in. I tuck the material under the pot I am straining into so that the pulp doesnt sink down into the juice you are straining.  DO NOT SQUEEZE, or stir or mash or anything.  If you do that your jelly won't be nice and bright but cloudy.

Once it has drained for about 4hrs or so, throw out the pulp (there will be lots left over) and measure the liquid.  You get a surprisingly small amount of liquid....Put the juice into a pot and bring to the boil, boil 5 mins or so, then add equal amount of sugar.  So if you measured 2 cups of juice now you would add 2 cups of sugar.  Boil briskly, this is the trick!

To test, put a little on a saucer (like a teaspoon full) and pop into the fridge for a minute.  If it has started to set, when you push with your finger it should be quite stiff, it is ready.  Pour into steralised jars and seal.

To add mint, chop the mint finely.  Do not seal the jar.  As the jelly cools and starts to set and the mint and stir in gently.  If it rises up, just stir a little again later.  Once the mint is evenly distributed and stays that way you can then seal up.

Happy eating on scones!