Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new Merino Jacket - done!

As part of my "make it now for winter" theme that I have going on at the moment, I have just run myself up a new jacket.  Made from Merino, heavyweight, I am so pleased with it.  The material is not boiled wool, but it looks like it, and in fact is a bit stiffer than boiled wool, so it has kept shape well while I have sewn it.  
The front
The back
I used a current jacket I have in boiled Merino from Lucy Laws.  I cut the pieces, but made the back and front longer by about 3inches.  I do love the current jacket, but wanted this one to be different.  Then I used very modern sewing techniques to whizz this up over 2 days.  The edges are only overlocked, and the overlocker has been very busy with facings etc.  I made an asymetrical front.

I am particularly pleased with the zip closure, even tho the zip is brown (no black open ended zips available in my local shop), it seems to add some interest.  And I love the fact that the collar stands up, the facing helps it to do that.

The fabric came from here