Monday, January 6, 2014

Blackcurrant Syrup/Cordial

This promises to be so good in the summer, and put with soda water from the Sodastream should be fabulous!  I was offered blackcurrants at $5 per kg, and so bought 5kgs of them.  Following the recipe below I have made 1litre or so of lovely smelling and tasting cordial.  I might just have to process the rest the same way.

Blackcurrant Cordial Recipe
500g Blackcurrants
275g sugar
250mls water
1/2t Citric Acid
Boil currants, sugar and water 5 mins.  Mash well with potato masher.  Add citric acid and simmer 2 more mins.  Then strain and bottle.

I have kept the pulp to make fruit cheese and will let you know how that goes.