Monday, January 13, 2014

It's time to start planning for next year! Sweet Pea seeds and Raspberry Canes for sale also

Believe it or not, now is a good time to think about what you want from your garden next year.  You will have a very good idea of what grows and what doesn't from how your garden is turning out this season.   Re-evaluate veges that worked, and veges that just bolted to seed.  Look at plants that may need moving to a more shady/sunny spot for next year.  Perhaps you might want some new things in your garden.  Do you need to plan for new garden beds?

Harvest is a busy time, but your mind should already be doing the planning....!

While you are doing that, perhaps you might want to check out the seeds and plants I have available at present.

On the "For Sale" pages you will find both Raspberry Canes (ready for planting now) and Sweet Pea seeds.  Just email me to order.
Sweet peas are easy to grow, plant them in Autumn.  When the plants are 20cm or so high pinch out the growing tip to encourage side shoots and a sturdier plant.  They will overwinter then zoom away in the spring providing early fragrant blooms that are great for cutting and bringing inside