Sunday, January 10, 2010

Second Week in January 2010

Here in Cromwell today, it is blustery, raining and miserable. We have had thunderstorms and torrential rain, all very unusual for us, especially in Summer! Just reminding myself, yes, it is Summer. You would not believe it to look out the window.

We have a large vege garden, which has been expanded several times. A series of raised beds, and some edging. I will put up a photo soon. It has been established for just over 2 years now, although it started as a bare patch of builders earth when we built the house.

I can see the poor tomatoes straining at their blue wool which ties them to the fence. A few tomatoes have fallen off onto the ground, grr (mental note: put more ties up tomorrow). The peas which are staked have fallen out of their stakes altogether and are leaning over the corn. The artichokes are browning off and the potatoes are totally smashed and smothering the onions. All in all it is a pretty sorry sight.

I have no idea if we will get any more boysenberries. I have put shade cloth over them to protect them from predatory birds, but this doesnt protect them from our puppy who seems to think that boysenberries are manna from heaven. I made some jam out of our first picking, and now what with the wind, rain, and puppy I am not sure if we will get any more.

More on this later...its only the first post after all!