Friday, January 15, 2010

Garlic is ready

What a great harvesting today....I went out this afternoon to see that half of the garlic plants have fallen over, so when Mark got home we bit the bullet and starting digging them up. And what Garlic! Nothing like last years sparse bulbs, these are heavy, fragrant and bulky.

They were planted in a part of the garden where we dug in lots of our kitchen scraps straight. We hadn't bothered with composting, just kept the scraps in a bucket and when it was full went out and dug it straight in with the spade. These garlic obviously liked that treatment as they are lovely.

Last year our bulbs would be lucky to have more than 3 cloves on them, so we are really pleased.

As an aside, I gave away a cabbage, some rhubarb, mint, and spring onions :-)