Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovely Weather .... peas and tomatoes

Finally! a weekend of lovely weather. Sunny, warm, top of about 26C and great gardening weather. I have tied and pinched off-shoots on my tomatoes. We picked a few of the Sweet 100s, but only really got enough for a salad. Our peas also needed tying back and they are finally flowering at the top of their bamboo pyramid.

Mark edged around all the vege beds for me, to get rid of the grass, which was lovely of him. He also did a mammoth bit of weeding - much needed.

I can see our capsicums are finally making one or two fruits. They are just never going to do well, I dont think our growing season is long enough for them, and they are water hungry.

Today I cut lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, corgettes and some roses to take to a friend who has just had a baby. She also got a jar of my apricot jam. I am afraid that I should have made her a meal, and all she will get out of it is some salad to eat, but it was just about all I could rustle up.