Saturday, January 23, 2010

Construction of new garden beds underway

I'm taking a break from sawing firewood and stacking it while the other half does amazing things in our garden today. The weather is fiercely hot, and we are lucky to be working on the shady side of our house, and out of the worst of it. Strangely enough this is where we have been planning new vege beds. Here he is working on them!

When we started this garden there we three beds, then we added one more, then two more, and now another 3 - he has one more to go today. It's been interesting to see it evolve, and we always have ideas for new things to go in. We are going to put stones as paths around this lot as well, like the original 3, which you can just see in the distance, (with my washing behind LOL. I think it is going to look rather good, and it also gives us a lot more space for things like black currants and french beans which never really seem to get a look in at present.

The chooks have been happy today too, here they are living their lives and laying us eggs.