Monday, January 11, 2010

Next day, snow on the hills

Woke up this morning to snow on the hills. The Pisa Range has a light dusting on the top third. I can hardly believe it. Usually at this time of year we are swimming in the lake most evenings and eating outside. We almost lit the fire yesterday it was so miserable.

In the overcast morning the garden looks better. There's no wind so its not so battered looking. Several cabbages are ready, and caulis are coming along well.

Note to self: must go round the edges of the raised beds. The grass has grown right up the sides, which makes it look quite unloved (which of course, is not the case).

Last week when we came back from holiday our grape vine had fallen under the weight of its fruit. It had broken the string lines that were holding it up, and was laying on the ground in disarray. We have put up some wires and cut back all the arms that are laden with fruit so they dont try to grow anymore, then pegged the whole thing up. It looks so much better, and the fruit is getting some light. Go grapes....!

Over the weekend my sister Ruth and I preserved 18 large jars of nectarines. It took us all afternoon and she took home 10 or so jars, but it inspired me no end. I then did 5 large Agee jars of peaches, and finally yesterday, made about 12 jars of Apricot jam. Mark reckons we should have 1 jar of jam for every week of the year to come. Goodness, I am not sure that I can do 50 odd jars. We'll see.

Very autumny temperatures expected today, 7-17C, I wonder if Hamish will go to work in the Cherry Orchard today. They haven't been picking near as often as last year when the picked 6 days a week for about 8 weeks. He would be lucky to have had 14 days of work so far this season.

I'll keep you posted.