Monday, June 9, 2014

Third time lucky

This is the third time I have knitted this garment!  first, I used another pattern in the same book, but it was a complicated, over 3 row pattern and it was using up wool fast.  So I unpicked the bit I had done and restarted a new pattern.  Yes, I finished the second one, sewed it up and everything.  But it was HUGE....I am usually a size 16 or 18, and I knitted the L (for large) size.  My tension was even a bit tighter than the pattern, but I forged ahead thinking if it was too small I could always diet :-)

But once on, it was like a jacket, large baggy sleeves, bulky at the back and not good!  so I methodically unpicked the whole thing, rewound the wool and started again.  This time I had my previous one to measure from, and I worked out I needed to knit the S (for small) size! never before have I been a 8-10, since I was about 12yrs of age.

Well, I also reshaped the sleeves, because even the small size started with the same amount (50 stchs) which would mean the sleeves would still be way too baggy.  I fudged it and started with 38 stchs, then gradually worked my way up to the same size armhole.  A tip from my sister, knit both the sleeves at the same time, then if you make a mistake you make it on both...and they will match.

I am pretty pleased with this!  it looks great and is exactly how I imagined it would be