Thursday, June 12, 2014

Large Flax - will they? won't they?

Several months ago now I had a phone call from my cousin, asking if we knew where to burn some flax.  

Being the avid gardener that I am, my ears burnt, and my brain sizzled, and sure enough soon I was in possession of a large trailer load of flax which had been dug out/cut up.

Some of it looked very sad, with little root and no hope...but some of it although not taken out of the ground with the thought of being replanted, looked hopefully still alive.  The first thing we did was start sorting through the trailer looking for bit with large rooty parts still attached.  Then we clipped the tops right down to about 1 foot high.

Once that was done it was off to plant them.

Now, look, they are sprouting new green leaves, (this rain helps), and looking like it is going to be a winner!

Thanks Alison!

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