Friday, June 20, 2014

The Smallest Orangery on the Planet

Does one orange tree in a glasshouse make an "Orangery"...I'm really not sure I can claim that!  Traditionally these were like a conservatory in the Victorian times, and I have visited some lovely ones in historic houses.

I have high hopes, there are flowers!

Now, Orange trees are sensitive and pretty allergic to frost, so I have already employed the "flowerpot heater" method for keeping the frost off.  In the glasshouse we still get things frosted, if the frost is hard.  So some form of heating is good.  I ummed and aahhhed about how to heat it without using a lot of electricity or effort.  And the flowerpot heater seems like the best course of action.

Last night all I did was light a candle at its base and this morning I lit the flowerpot heater.  The problem being that my tea lights only last 4hrs, which if I lit at 10pm at bedtime would only go till 2pm.  So I have ordered some 10hr lights on the internet, and eagerly await their arrival.

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  1. What about having a water barrel in your glasshouse, providing it fits in? Apparently keeps temperature more stable, ie cooler during the day and warmer at night, because water takes a while to cool and warm, so it emits heat at night and "sucks it in" during the day.