Sunday, June 8, 2014

Peony Planting

It's a cool, overcast, looking like rain day here today, and I have been planting peonies.

They look like they should be dead! they were given to me by a friend when she was leaving her garden, and she used a digger to hoik them all out of the ground and then she chopped them up into bits with a spade.  The bits, surrounded by dry soil, sat outside at her house for a week before she arrived her with them all stacked on the trailer behind her 4-wheeler.  We unloaded them, and stacked them in a not-needed spot in the garden to await planting.

I have left them there for 2 weeks, and gradually planted them.  Today I put in 5 more, and it just about kills me....the place where I am planting them is stony as, and the only way to make a hole for a plant is to use a thistle grubber...or a strong man - he was not feeling well today and is not up to digging me any holes.

Then scrabble all the stones out, and put the chopped up peonies in, drag the soil around it and hope for the best.  

They all have red shoots (you can see in the second picture, tiny red bits coming up ) where, my friend assures me, the flowers will come from...  

I am already in anticpation of Spring, even though Winter hasn't put her worst bite on us yet.  

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