Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wind, wind, more wind....and an "A and P Show"

Well, since the big wind which felled our 19 windbreak trees we have been busy chopping, chainsawing, and splitting...then on Saturday, ANOTHER wind!  As we worked with a hired woodsplitter the wind picked up until it was dangerous to be out there by the trees.

Sure enough, 5 or so more trees down.  I must admit it was pretty disheartening to look back at the boundaries we had already cleared to find that there were more trees down over the fence.

All the garden is looking very windburnt.  Maples have edges of their leaves browned off, irises have snapped, delphinium flowers are snapped off, and all the pears have come off our pear tree.

We also lost a few panes of glass in our brandnew glasshouse.

On the plus side, Pam has been busy planting more roses and what have you in preparation for the Broomfield School Garden Tour, because my garden is going to be a feature garden.  Wow!

The Amberley A&P show is on this Saturday and I am submitting roses on stems, Belgium Biscuits, An article of Quilting (my latest quilt) and 3 herbs (most of these are looking pretty wind-sad too).