Sunday, October 13, 2013

5metre Glasshouse - DONE

In May this year I received a 5m glasshouse for Mothers Day.  A wonderful present, but with a  bit of a wait to get sorted.

I was so eager to get on with it, yet first we had to:
- Have a builder set it out on the piece of garden it was destined for...midwinter....check (Thanks, Mark W)
- Have an budding apprentice dig the foundations and lay the concrete ...midwinter....check (Thanks, Aaron)
- Put up the frames....Mark and I over 3 days (The last few weekends)......check (Thanks, Honey)
- Put in the glass....Mark and I yesterday and today....check

Result...One amazing glasshouse just waiting to be planted out.

While putting the glass in both Mark and I got ripped up hands, and the glass cut us as we moved it about.  Also the little sprung glass holders were a complete b*st*rd to fit and cut our hands as we put them in.

Now I look and hope that I don't have to clean the glass very often, as it will be a terribly difficult job.

The instruction booklet that came with the glasshouse said that any amateur could put it up.  However, if I had been on my own there is no way I could ever have managed it.  The instructions were sparse, the assembly complicated, and you needed a second person to help with most tasks.  Thank goodness for husbands!

Now.....what to plant?
In other news, this is what I picked from our garden today, quite a haul