Monday, November 4, 2013

The Garden Tour - a path to nowhere

Busy, busy bees! my MIL has been here all weekend helping prepare for the garden show.

One thing we have been working on is getting the area outside our shower sorted.  Pam planted dozens of grasses, and I put down peastraw and extended the path.  It's looking so much better.  The path still doesn't go anywhere, but at least it has been started.

Pam put in 18 more roses, in my favourite colours (blue, purple, pink, red) and we trimmed up the others.  We also removed some old irrigation that I had put in but which could not take the strain of such a long 100m line.

Mark installed an irrigation system round the vege garden - no more lugging hoses, moving sprinklers around, now you just turn the handle and watch the water shooting out.  Its fabulous.

In other news I won first prize for my "Three Roses", here is a picture of them two days later, so not looking their best anymore, but you get the idea.

I also won first for my Belgian Biscuits and for my Eggs.  I was so proud of the eggs because I spent ages selecting them.

Nothing for my Afghans tho, and I was really disappointed to find that the judges only judged on looks not on taste.  That didnt seem fair, what say the winner had accidentally put salt instead of sugar in her biscuit, you would never know...and none of the others had a walnut on top, which is pretty mandatory in my book.

My quilt came second also, to a quite dated piece, with 80's fabrics and no wonderful quilting at all.  Still, maybe they just couldnt see brilliance....