Friday, October 4, 2013

Setting up the Glasshouse

With the brickie finally having put down the blockwork for the base of our glasshouse, Mark put the wooden tops onto the blocks, ready to start putting up the frame.

I have been thinking about how to fill it with nutritious soil.

Firstly, I put a thick layer of the cowpoo/straw/mud mixture that I have previously raved about.  It meant a quick lesson in how to drive the tractor, which was very exciting and nervewracking.  Then I poured over 3kg of lime.  Mark said that the cowpoo mix was very acidic and needed to be sweetened up (made more alkaline).  I have no idea if this is true or not, but I have followed his instructions.

Then I tipped on bucket of ashes from our fire onto it, and mixed the whole lot up.

Now I have started sieving the soil to go in.  We have plenty of soil, and it has a good nutrient value, but it is soooooo stoney!  I have been sieving it through one of the bird nets that I bought.  I havent used this one yet, so it seemed as good a chore for it as any....

Nice soft soil, and it is looking good