Monday, September 30, 2013

Chickens don't lay BLUE eggs

Nestled in a carefully constructed nest, in the "spare room" of the chookhouse is a small deep nest, with 2 blue eggs!

I have never liked the construction of this chookhouse.  In his ultimate wisdom, Mark thought that hinging the lower part rather than the top lifting up would be more weatherproof.  But, all that happens is that you can't get into the nests to collect the eggs, without being 1 foot tall, or kneeling in wet grass.  So I usually go into the chookhouse (which has it's own dangers - poo on shoes, chickens escaping).

Today, I crouched down, and as I collected hens eggs I noticed a lot of hay and straw and chook feathers in the spare nesting box.  On closer inspection, I saw two small blue eggs!

When I brought Montana-Rose out to see, a starling zipped out of the gap in the door and flew off.

I do hope they will be able to raise their chicks without our cat Grover getting the mum or dad?