Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A wind, or a Hurricane?

Tuesday 10th September 2013 - News Flash! Winds up to 225km per hour hit North Canterbury.  Anderson family huddle in the lounge while extreme winds buffet the house.  The children of the family go to bed without fuss and go to sleep, blissfully unaware of the malestroem raging outside.

Anna paces up and down, worrying about chookhouses, and woodsheds.   Mark helps her to put away the BBQ furniture and the patio heater, and to weigh the spa pool cover down with large rocks.  Then, Mark, always the pragmatic one, goes to bed.  Anna paces up and down some more and then makes a foray into the winds.  Battling her way to the gate, the hinges of it break off as she goes through, leaning into the wind.  The chookhouse is safe, and all doors are still shut.  The woodshed is still standing.  Thinking it might get even worse Anna makes her way to the 4bay shed and retrieves the Emergency Kit, complete with torches, candles, food, matches and more.  Just then the power goes out and all is plunged into darkness.

Fighting her way back to the house, she makes it through the glass doors and inside to safety.    The house is dark, and she lights some candles.  Then she gets ready for bed.  But going around the house to check for broken windows and more, it is then that she sees out the doors a fire glowing at the corner of the property!  Soon there is smoke, a red sky, and emergency vehicle lights can be seen.

Worrying about the fire catching into the boundary windbreak Anna puts back on her clothes, ready to make a run for it if necessary.

Several hours go by.  The chimneys whistle and bang, windows bend and rattle, and all manner of noises can be heard outside.

Eventually the fire dies down in the distance and Anna makes her way back to bed, to try and get a few hours sleep before daybreak.

And, look at the aftermath...fences down, 20 large pine trees down, trees down over the road, and chairs and bits of corrugated iron everywhere.

We will be chainsawing for the next year to get all this cut up!  And then replanting the shelterbelt, and then splitting the wood, and stacking it, and, and, and....it's a big job!