Monday, September 2, 2013

Muck Raking and "Cow Poo Soup"

Spring is in the air! and I am planning for a wonderful year of veges.

On walking out of my front door today I noticed that my Blueberries were all covered in weeds and in dire need of some attention.  Their ground is stony and hard, and not very nutrient rich.  So I started to think on something Hubby had been commenting on a few weeks ago.

Out in the paddocks where he feeds the cows, where the round bales of hay sit in a feeder while cows stir up all the mud, there is a pad of hay still sitting.  So I wheeled my barrow round and filled her up with this amazing, fragrant, hay rich, poo rich, stinking, amazing goo....and started spreading.

BEFORE (above): stony, hard, weed ridden, non nutritious...

AFTER: (above): rich, moisture retaining, nutritious, fragrant...

I have also been making "cow poo soup"  - a 40gallon drum in the vege garden, filled with water, and then add 4 large cowpats (fresh or dry, doesnt matter).  I've been feeding this to my garlic (who are hungry) and to the brassicas.  Wow, they love it and are really growing.