Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Beehive has arrived!

Not the up-do, but a hive full of busy, buzzing bees.

They came today, a Sunday, delivered by a very nice bee man.  These bees are rented.  We are paying $300 per year, and get 10kg of honey.  Apparently, they leave 10kg for the bees, we get 10kg and they get 10kg.  They are going to come and service the hive every 6 weeks.

I must say it really was an incredible sight when they were delivered.  Beeman and his daughter suited up with allover bee suits, I stood a good 10m back.  They took the bees out and shook them into the hive, and my goodness, the frames they took out were filled with the most amazing sound!  not only was there a crescendo of buzzing but also a tornado of bees over the hive.  I was surprised none came to pay me a visit.

We have been given some instructions on irrigating (only in the evening, so we dont drown our bees).  To report clusters of dead bees, or swarms if we see them.  Also it seems they also have territory fights with other bees, and we will know if there has been a battle if there is lots of chewed up bits of wax outside the hive.

Its' pretty exciting and I am looking forward to learning a bit more about them