Sunday, December 8, 2013

The day without Stampylongnose

Somewhere in the UK there lives a young 24yr old man, by the Youtube moniker of "Stampylongnose" (previously Stampylonghead).

Somehow he has captured a corner of the the internet all for himself...he is the new child's entertainer, and is likely to become as popular as "The Wiggles".  His channel is completely PG rated, designed with children in mind, and will never contain bad-language, x-rated activities, or violence.

He talks a lot! I mean, a real lot!  his premise is something called "Let's Play", which basically means he plays a game online and you get to see him doing it.  For children these are primarily "Minecraft" LetsPlay videos.  Inside Stampy's Lovely World, he has mini-golf, a dog assault course, a garden where he posts the names of his favourite followers, he loves cake, he has friends online who he plays with.  Minecraft is a bit like lego online.

I have learnt all of this slowly over time, and as more of his videos are avidly watched by my children, so my admiration of this young man has grown.

How did he end up being a child's entertainer of such reknown?  he has over 665,000 subscribers to his channel!  Children from all over the world send him pictures on Facebook of cakes they have made, pictures they have drawn of him, and little poems.

He is majorly famous....last week there was complete mayhem in my house when it was discovered that YouTube had removed his channel.  In the end it was down for less than 24hrs, and Google/YouTube restored it all after a massive Twitter and Facebook campaign.  There was also an online petition signed by over 6000 people in several hours.

My daughter even wrote him a poem (to the tune of Pussycat, Pussycat)

Stampycat, Stampycat where have you been?
I've been to the Love Garden, to visit AmyLee
Stampycat, Stampcat what did you there?
I frightened a little squid under her chair

(AmyLee is one of his friends, and so is a lad called iBallisticsquid)

I am amazed, and it shows my age.  My children don't find it strange, to them it's just another form of entertainment.

In short, I am in awe.