Friday, December 6, 2013

Strawberry-licious - jam making

Its hard to drive past .89c a punnet strawberries.  I was compelled to pull over and buy 10 punnets, $8.90 worth.

2kg of strawberries..!   Out came the AGEE jam jars, lids and the jam pan.  This pan is an old brass one that I bought from a 2nd hand shop during my years in the UK.  Its gorgeous and makes a nice even heat.

I chopped the strawberries, only into halves, because I like the end result to have chunks of soft berry in.

Then, for easy jam, I heated them up slowely.  Do not add water or anything, juice will come out of it's own accord.  I then stirred in one packet of Jam setting mix.  Now, generally I would not bother, but I wanted a nice professional result, and this was some mix I bought yonks ago for just this purpose.  Bring back to the boil.  Then slowely I added 1.2kg of sugar.  The ratio does not need to be exact, but about 2 parts strawberry weight to 1 part sugar.  You can add lemon juice if you like, but I did not this time.  Boil for 6 mins on a good rolling boil.

Take off the heat, and let sit for about 15mins, this starts it setting and keeps bits of fruit suspended throughout the jam, and not sunk to the bottom.

Ladle into hot, steralised jars.  Pop lids on and you are ready!