Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pesto - the great entertainer

Pesto many ways... on pasta, (of course).used to coat chicken, spread into button mushrooms for grilling, in salad dressing, stirred into bolognaise sauce and more.  It is a great entertainer, and is fab just as a dip with crisps.

I recently harvested our first lot of basil leaves from the glasshouse and made up Pesto for freezing.  Once the mixture is prepared, spoon it into ice cube trays and freeze.  The next day, ease of the trays, and put into plastic bags in the freezer.  That way you can just take out exactly what you need, so there is no waste.

PESTO - use your blender or food processor

Pour in about 1cup olive oil
Add 2 cloves garlic, whole
Salt, pepper

and whizz, till the garlic is absorbed into all the oil.

Take several large cups of picked basil leaves. Add them to the bowl, and pulse till they are chopped in small pieces.

Add walnuts (about 1/2c) or pinenuts if you have them, and pulse till they are roughly chopped.

With a spoon stir in about 1c of grated cheese of your choice.  Purists would use parmesan, but I am not fussy.