Monday, December 16, 2013

Killing day, and the cow that got away ! (warning, graphic dead cow pix inside)

Last Sunday was killing day.  4 cows killed, skinned and sent away to the Butcher.  Thanks to our local mobile abbatoir.

The Wednesday before 4 other cows, the really big ones, were supposed to go on the truck to the works.  Well, into the yards they went, waiting patiently, patiently.  Until - the truck came, and the two largest panicked....out of the yards they bellowed, and galloped around our pig pen, over fences, through gates, into a peaceful field.

The truck driver, Hamish and I tried to get them back in, but to no avail.  They were stubbornly not going!

So, two remained.  The following Wednesday the truck came again, only one cow went away.  The biggest one jumped out, ran around the yard, jumped a fence or two, and eventually ended up on its back with a hoof entangled in the netting fence.  We finally set it free, and the truck departed without it.

It has had a small reprieve, and can hang out with the little guys until next year, when it will have to go in the freezer!