Thursday, November 28, 2013

How many sewing machines is too many? (Confession inside)

I have just bought another sewing machine....ooops!  It will be the only one that has a narrow neck so that it is easy to do sleeves, cuffs, collars and more when doing clothing sewing.  My other big machine is mainly for quilting and has a very wide base to hold quilts into place.  

But, I have confession, I have waaaaay more sewing machines.  In fact, I did an add up...

Firstly I have my Elna Quilting Queen
Nice....for quilting!

.... and then I have my Elna 4 thread overlocker, (or, as the American's say "serger").

..... and then I have my Zundapp  - but it is just for show, and far to nice for sewing with, and anyway, it doesn't have a narrow base either...

.... and then I have a blue machine from the 50's.....(no pix I'm afraid), and it is just for show too.

.... and then I have Montana-Roses machine.  So I tell myself that it is hers, and not mine, so doesnt count!

....and I have just bought this
For doing the collars and cuffs and armholes

.... and I have decided I need a "Coverstitcher"

This will make a total of! yes, Six, sewing machines, is it too many?