Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today's Harvest - including our first cucumber

Today I harvested:

1 Savoy Cabbage
3 heads of Spinach
Our first harvest of Basil
Our first cucumber
The last of the broadbeans
and a few more Artichokes
A few more onions

I have never grown cucumbers before, as we have not had a glasshouse till recently.  If you have been reading my blog you'll see it is a new installation in our garden.  I have been worrying about whether I need to pollinate the cucumbers by hand or anything, and in fact I have just left them for the insects to do their best.  Occasionally I open the glasshouse door (on hot, but not windy days - too much wind blows out the glass) and let the bees, ladybirds, and all manner of insects in.  Presently there are about 7 cucumbers forming, and one ready today.  Cucumber sandwiches seem pretty inevitable!

The basil is destined for my first lot of Pesto to be made up and frozen for the year, which I am pretty excited about