Saturday, May 29, 2010

There is snow on the Hills!

This time, not just a little, but a LOT.  Yesterday it was right down the foothills, and today it's raining down here and a little on the foothills is melting, but on the tops it's thick and fluffy white.

Luan is so excited... I drove him to Bannockburn and it snowed on the car.  I didn't dare drive past the tarmac road onto the gravel road as it was so slushy.  If I had been in the 4WD I could have taken him up to touch the snow.  However, if there's one thing I know from living here it's "the snow WILL come".  We even had a skiff at home here and Luan stood out in it and I took his photo, for posterity.

I dug some Red Rascal potatoes out of the garden.  If we leave them in too long I'm worried they will split in the rain or freeze in the frost.   Funnily enough our garden still seems to look quite good.  There are flowers on some of the roses, and carrots, brocolli and silverbeet still in the garden for eating.  The spring onions turned into "leeks" are still going strong too.

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