Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peach tree is in

We bought a Peach Tree on a whim, a couple of weeks ago at the Nichols birthday sale.  It's been sitting in a bucket waiting to be planted, and finally we did that today.  On our front lawn.  Actually, I wasnt sure if it was the right place, only AFTER we had planted it.  I took the label off and had a read of it, (I know I should have looked before planting) and it said to "protect from frost in late winter, early spring as this can damage flowers and fruit".  Well, our front lawn tends not to get the sun in the winter until the afternoon and can sit with frost on it for hours.   I guess we will see if this is the right spot, only time and crossing of fingers will tell.

Two Lemon tress are on our veranda waiting to go into pots.  The idea is that we will move them under the veranda for the winter, and out into the lawn for summer.