Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Rain!

The chooks are looking quite bedraggled out in their yard.  I have upgraded their house tho...the other day I put clear plastic on over their window and door, so that in the winter they wont be quite so wet and cold as they were last year.  I remember when it snowed a lot of their house was pretty miserable and damp too, so hopefully the plastic will alleviate that.

In the absence of gardening I have been doing a little sewing (or upcycling!).  This red vest (on a particularly sulky looking 2yr old) was a merino jumper of mine that had developed some holes at the bottom.  I turned it into a vest for Albie, a pair of thumbholed wrist warmers for me and a cowlneck scarf for Montana-Rose....4 items out of it!! pretty pleased with that!

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