Friday, May 7, 2010

Pass the honey, Honey

Lemon Honey, pots of it in my fridge...yellow, and creamy, and fragrant.  Possibly the best thing to have on toast:

Anna's Lemon Honey

Grate the rind of 4 lemons, squeeze the juice.  Put into a pot with 125g of butter, and 3c sugar.  Melt gently till all the sugar has dissolved.  Beat 4 eggs in a bowl, till well combined.  Slowely drizzle eggs into the lemon mixture.  Heat on a low heat till everything is thick and coats the back of the spoon.  Do NOT boil (this will curdle it and it will be spoiled).  Pour into hot steralised jars, and put on lids or jam tops.  Keep in the fridge.

It only keeps about 3 weeks, if your family can resist it that long!!!  It's really good to use for lemon meringue pie filling, and for little pastry tarts.