Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Warratah is a wonderful thing

As any good Kiwi bloke knows, a warratah is all you need for just about everything. That, and a bit of number 8 wire! Today, the other half put two warratahs in and strung through 3 bits of wire to keep back the raspberries.

Since I pruned them out, which thinned them considerably, they have grown and shot up, and out, and were taking the light off our carrots. Now, with wire up, and all the new canes tucked behind, our carrots are open to the sun.

There's a good name for a short story there, "A warratah, a beer and some number 8 wire".

When Hamish was younger he came up with a short story "A pie, a coke and a two scoop icecream". He never actually wrote it, but we still talk about it, and its become part of our family lore.