Thursday, February 4, 2010


Monday 32C, Tuesday 36C, Wednesday 32C, Thursday a predicted 33C....Whew!! the garden is gasping every night and water restrictions are now in place. Apparently we are only to water every second day. Mark is pretty good, he waters in the evening once he is home from work, and we seem to be keeping on top of it.

Despite this, yesterday I saw my Clematis with all its flowers drooping. Poor thing! We have several clematis in the garden, which my sister Karen and her husband helped us put in when the garden was first started at this house. I have had great success with them in the past, in England, and thought they would love this weather. They don't mind a cold winter, and they love their flowers in the sun. But, unfortunately, they don't like the heat. Each one has a layer of large stones around the base to keep their roots cool, but it really isn't enough. They haven't flourished at all. In fact, only two of them have ever done alright, and the dog chewed through the stem of one at ground level (see my previous postings). It did come away from the base again, and has produced more flowers, but it certainly has some catching up to do.

In the vege garden our pumpkins are loving the heat, and seem to enlarge by centimetres overnight!