Sunday, February 7, 2010

Raspberry Pruning and what to do with Artichokes

I am never sure at this time of the year, exactly what to do when things in the garden are done flowering or fruiting or whatever.

So, I asked my sister, Karen. She told me to prune out all the canes on the Raspberry that had fruited this year, like I had done with the Boysenberry. Well, I have spent ages with the clippers and now our Raspberry bed actually looks tamed.

The Artichokes Mark and I had to look up on the net to see what to do, as all their lovely large grey leaves were going horrible brown and it was looking straggly. We couldnt decide what advice the net was giving us, but have followed our instincts and removed all the old leaves. Just the new shoots, which are really about 2feet high are left. There was some great advice on what to do during cold weather, which I reckon will come in handy! Pile up straw around them, leaving only a few inches of plant above. If the weather turns really foul, then put the straw right over them, but remove it once the bad snow etc has gone. There was no description of what "bad" weather is tho...does that mean frost, or snow, or ice, or what? I might have straw on them for weeks on end during the winter if it is bad!