Friday, September 26, 2014

Plum nectar

This glistening jug of sweet nectar is Plum cordial.

My good friend and housekeeper Stacey persuaded me to help her clean out one of our 3 freezers yesterday.  In the bottom, among a gazillion bags of beans and peas and what have you, were a bag of plums.  I think I go these from Michelle last year, and I didnt use them all at the time.

So I endeavoured to get them out and do something useful with them, to make room in the freezer for other goodies.

What I did:
Upend the whole lot into my biggest pan and let them defrost.  Added 3c sugar and 2t Citric Acid and simmered them till the fruit was all softened and falling apart.  Drained them in a sieve and put the drainings into a jug for decanting.

Stacey and I then rewarded ourselves with a Hot Plum Cordial, about 1/4c cordial topped up with boiling water.  It's kind of blackcurranty and plummy and thickly delicious.

I reckon "Hot Plum Rum" would be pretty divine in the winter, just add a dash of rum to the plum tea!