Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All in an Afternoon's cooking

At 12midday I decided that I needed to prepare some dinner, given that we will be out and about after school with Glenmark Keas.  So I started hunting around for things to feed us and my parents who are visiting at present.

For inspiration I took down my sister-in-laws' cookbook, Coromandel Flavour - A Year of Cooking at the Bach.  I found a bread recipe, called "Winemakers Bread" and thought maybe I would make garlic bread.  Then the obvious thing to go with that at our place is Lasagne.

Out to the freezer I went to get mince, then I came back and looked harder at the "Winemakers Bread" recipe.  It called for something called "yeasty sediment", which I pondered for a little while.  In the end I decided that beer sounded about right, and I retrieved 2 bottles from the fridge.  I then poured the beer into a pot and warmed it on the Rayburn, then stirred in 4t yeast and 2t sugar.  I left it on the bench and went back to recipe.

It was only then that I noticed that on the facing page was a recipe for Feijoa Wine, and the "frothy sediment" mentioned in the bread recipe originated during the winemaking process!

Oh well, I kneaded in enough flour to make a soft dough, and 2t salt, then set it to raise for 30 mins or so while I made the lasagne.

The bread got kneaded again, then proved for about 20 mins, and then into the Rayburn which was at about 200C.

Now, 1.5hrs later dinner is ready, and it looks and smells very pleasing indeed!

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