Monday, May 19, 2014

Sometimes the old ways are the best

This is the old-fashioned art of unpicking a jumper for it's wool.  I love to knit, and have the money to buy wool, but this was such a pretty heather green!  In it's previous life it was a HUGE mans guernsey.  I mean HUGE...a gigantic jersey.  I reckon I will be able to knit a jumper for each small child here in this house!  Or, at least one, with a hood.   The jumper came from our local rubbish shop in a "fill a bag fr $6",  has been well looked after, was not holey, or marked and just lends itself beauifully to being unpicked.
Start by undoing all the seams in the jumper, taking care not to cut the knitted work.  Then starting with each piece unravel it and wind it round the back of a chair.  Tie with four ties, and then wash.  Once the wool is dry, wind it into balls, using a child's hands to keep the skein open as you wind, and then you are ready to give the wool a new life as something more exciting!

This is tying a skein off.
Skeins drying on the Rayburn

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  1. Once wound into balls I have 650 grams of wool, which is about 13 balls of DK knitting wool. Pretty pleased with that!