Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daffodil and Tulip Heaven

It's been a busy few weekends, planting over 200 daffodil bulbs and about 150 tulip bulbs.

I'm hoping for a big show in the spring, I just hope all this rain doesn't rot the bulbs before they have had a chance to give me their best efforts!

We have a couple of really special daffodils from an amazing outfit in Geraldine that my sister Karen took me to last year.  We viewed a cut flower from each type, and then chose what we would like to have sent to us the following autumn once they had harvested.

Just to see about 300 or more single daffs in rows was just beautiful, and I (as always) over estimated how enthusiastically I could plant them...Yes, I got sick of crawling round on my knees, but now it is done, finally!