Monday, May 5, 2014

It looks industrious, but it's an unpicking - sadly

I have been knitting this amazing Cleckheaton bolero pattern.  I checked my tension (I am 26 rows and 20 stchs over 10cm, the pattern called for 30rows and 22 stchs over 10cm), I thought, a bit tighter won't matter too much.  I knitted the size 16-18 (you, know, because usually I am an 18).  And, wow, all I got was a huge jackety thing.  I started to knit the lace to go round it, but actually had to stop and take a long hard look.

I have measured it out, and I am going to have to knit mostly the Small size! really! 8-10.  Sounds good to me.

And I am cutting 14 stitches off the width of the sleeves, because even the small size started at 50 stitches...

It's been a real disaster really, and now unpicking starts *sigh*.

I did consider felting it in the drier, or putting it through the overlocker, but no....unpicking it is :-(  It's such a beautiful 100% merino, in such a lovely colour, I didn't want to ruin it.


  1. Oh dear. A good decision though, chopping it or sewing it just would not do. Hey did you know that two of the photos are not working?

  2. No, which two? they show fine on my computer, I have resized the bottom two....