Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our part in the Christchurch Earthquake

It is so difficult to be a 40 min drive from Christchurch when there are so many people in need there.  We have been feeling a bit helpless and frustrated.

But, we discovered "The Rangiora Earthquake Express", an awesome group of people, with helicopter, who are flying goods and food into the worst hit suburbs, from dawn till dusk.  A round trip including loading and unloading is 1/2hr.  We made two dinners, a big salad, picked some grapefruit off our tree, and then headed to the Rangiora Welfare Centre.  There they gave us a list of items that were needed.  So we went to the good old Warehouse and bought batteries, nappies, and baby food and took them to the helicopter.

What an inspirational sight!  As we were there the helicopter arrived, was filled and flew away.  Plus I think they were trucking trailerloads of gear into town also.

Here's some links, including to some bad footage I took on my cellphone, with the sound of the chopper in the background.

and the facebook page for the Express

Go forth and do your work!