Friday, February 11, 2011

Our new home - in Amberley

Finally, I have for you all, some pictures of our house in Amberley.  You can see we have a lot of land, lots of wayward grass, and not a lot else going on.

A new chook house and run have been built and we pick our new chook girls up next Friday.  I am so happy, I miss our chookies, and their lovely eggs.  Having to make do with supermarket eggs has not been the same.  Short note here: in the USA apparently they like their yolks white-ish and my brotherinlaw said he couldnt eat fried eggs/poached eggs/boiled eggs/omlettes because they just didnt look like eggs, dammit!

After Christmas we built a couple of rather large vege beds, and Mark's passion for potatoes shows.  We have also eaten lettuces, spring onions and spinach from this garden already.  The only thing really not doing well, are the beans which have been hit hard by the hot wind, and aren't going to do anything much.