Monday, August 31, 2015

The Little Things in Life - SMALL

Indeed, at this time of year, it's the little things in the garden that matter.

After cold weather, frosts and wintry temperatures, to go out into the garden and see the small beginnings of spring brings joy to my heart.
Quince coming into bud

The vege patch is sparse, with only a few cabbages, some broccoli, and kale, mostly.  But there are signs there that soon something wonderful will come.  Small 4 inch shoots of garlic appear in rows in one of my raised beds, and there are tiny lettuces forming under protecting cloches.

The most excitement is in the orchard, where the quince, the plums and the almonds are starting to show flowers and leaves.  I hope that this year we won't have such damaging spring Nor'wester's, for last year the winds destroyed almost all the blossom in the orchard, resulting in no fruit formation.

Plum blossom starting

Plum with blossom starting
In other news, our Chickens laid the smallest, tiniest egg I have ever seen!
A Small, an Average, and a Double Yolker, all laid on the same day

There is little to do in my garden, there are very little weeds to contend with since it is too cold for growth, and little to harvest, instead we find we have time on our hands to  have a little fire in the evening to sit round with a few neighbours.

This is my Garden Share Collective post for September.  The theme is "Size" and I have chosen "little".

Harvesting Now: Lettuce, Spring Onion, Kale, Cabbage

Planting Now: Garlic, Peas, Beans, Broadbeans, Leeks

Things to Do: Prepare garden beds for spring planting, keep watering, keep up with the weeding, spray copper on the orchard trees


  1. I hope you have a bumper season of fruit this year to make up for last year. Great post and aren't those eggs amazing? Such variation. Enjoy your rest before Spring sets in

  2. That is a tiny eggs. Seems like the chooks are all playing up at the moment. It is great to see all those blossoms coming on, it always makes me excited about fruit possibilites coming. We have a mango tree in the back just now covered in flowers.

  3. NIce take on the theme, look forward to seeing your garden as the weather gets better.

  4. It's definitely the little things. Our garden is starting to look a bit greener too. We had some very heavy frosts this year and everything was so bleak for a long time. I planted an acer and an almond tree and so far they are doing well. Now it's coming up to Spring and the winds have started!! They roar, they whistle, they howl. I love Spring though, all those new beginnings.

  5. We dont really have a noticeable change of seasons up here in the tropics, but I imagine that spring must be exciting.