Monday, August 10, 2015

Annual preparation of the Strawberry Bed

It's 5C outside and I'm grovelling around on my knees with a weeder in my hand, preparing the strawberry beds for Spring.  Madness!  yesterday it snowed, today it's freezing.  My fingers are purple and white and I am huffing the air in and out of my lungs in an effort to warm the air up.

The reason for this is because I just haven't got around to doing this job in my vege patch yet.

After (you can see I am reluctant to pull out all the suckers, and I always leave a few, I just cant bring myself to pull them all out

What to do?  pull off any dead leaves, pull out runners and suckers, replace unproductive plants with new suckers, and replace 3rd year plants with new suckers.

When to do it?  in Winter when the plant is almost dormant (tho I see some of mine have been making flowers despite the frigid weather).

One of the best benefits of all of this, apart from massive strawberry production this coming year, is that you then have lots of suckers to give away to friends