Monday, June 1, 2015

Le Jardin d'Hiver - The Winter Garden

One of the many Grapes that I need to prune soon
What's this on my windowsill?  a few pots of onion seedlings? both red and Canterbury Long Keeper!  I spent an hour or two planting onion seeds straight into the garden 3 weeks ago now, but so far no sign of the seeds germinating.  Dangit!

First the ground was just too dry (you can see by the paddocks in the distance in my photos just how dry we still are), and then when finally we got some rain, it was too cold....we've had sleet and cold temperatures, and I fear that my seeds will come to nothing now.  Or maybe they will come up in Spring, I haven't quite given up on them.

Brassicas are doing well, now that the white butterfly is gone, thank goodness.

They have large leaves, and good growth, and I have high hopes of some nice veges from this patch.

Cauliflowers, Broccoli and Cabbages are in here

But for the moment, I'll plant seedlings out in another part of the garden.  Just to be sure of getting a crop, because last year was so awesome! bags and bags of onions and garlic.

Lettuces under cover
In other news, I found some lettuce seedlings, self seeded and germinated in the autumn weather, and I have put them under a bird net.  Hopefully this will act as a kind of frost cloth, and keep them a bit warmer.  I have grown lettuces over winter before, and they seem to do OK so long as they don't get deep frozen.

Jobs Undertaken this Month: 
- dug out all the Potatoes that never did anything, they were rubbery and inedible.  But at least I got that bed tidied up.
- Covered the Lettuces with netting tunnels
- Pulled up the French Beans and saved seed for next year

Harvesting Now:
- Spring Onions
- Artichokes (still!)
- Lettuces
- Kale
- Parsley

Jobs to do next Month:
- Prune the Grapes
- Plant out Onion seedlings
- Dig in Chook Poo
- Prune the Boysenberries
- Plant Garlic

This is my Garden Share Collective Post for the Month of June