Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Sourdough Adventure or " How to tame the Yeast"

I don't watch a lot of tv, but I happened to turn it on and a show called Britains Best Bakery wasvon. The judges were just talking of Sourdough bread.

My only experiences of sourdough bread have not been great.  My mother once famously tried to catch yeast and baked bricks...a german lady gave complicated instructions for rye flour and a heavy result which I didnt think was very palatable. ...and i have made dough and left it overnight then baked it, but it was missing the holey, chewy texture.

So I listened carefully to these instructions and here is what I got.  Beautiful bread!

So, mix 1c plain flour and 2c cold water, cover with gladwrap. Leave overnight on the bench. Next day and every day for 5 days add 1c of flour and 1c water to it. Afterva week it should be fizzing and bubbling. Take off half the mixture add 2t salt,  1c water and enough flour to make soft dough. In my case this was about 4c flour. knead 10 mins. Leave in a bowl to rise for 6hrs (i put in the warming drawer).  Shape then bake about 30 mins at 180c

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  1. Wow looks good. I make a semi sourdough a lot - that is how chiabatta is made. You use 1/4 tsp yeast the night before with flour. works well.